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Note that all of the dozens of email addresses I’ve accumulated since the 1980’s go to the same place, so you need not copy multiple addresses. If you want to encrypt your email, here is my public key.


I’m an attorney specializing in intellectual property litigation as well as counseling on IP and Internet issues, although nothing on this blog is directly related to my professional life or my employer. I’ve considered starting a professional blog, but IP law is pretty well covered right now in the blogosphere and I haven’t yet identified a unique unfilled niche. I do occasionally write about IP-related topics (whence the name of the blog).

I’m also a husband and father, a vegetarian (and an amateur gourmet cook), a musician, a cinephile, an urban bicyclist, a cooperativist (I helped found Boston Community Cooperatives), a supporter of legal aid, and a somewhat-inactive Debian developer and inveterate tinkerer. I grew up on BITNET and BBS’s, and remain passionate about the potential of the Internet. I run a small nonprofit community ISP, bostoncoop.net. I live in Roslindale, a neighborhood of Boston. I took my first university computer science course when I was ten and worked professionally as a database programmer from the time I was thirteen. (When I got to college, I had had enough of programming and ended up majoring in chemistry, after switching through physics and then molecular biology).

Finally, you might also check out my Facebook or LinkedIn profile if you’re not adverse to social networking sites.

Education / Work

In reverse chronological order, I attended Northeastern University School of Law. As part of NUSL’s great co-op program, I clerked at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a Federal District Court, Altshuler, Berzon, and finally Wolf Greenfield. I also created part of a course on “cyberprivacy” at the Berkman Center, for which I served as a teaching assistant. Prior to Law School, I worked for a labor union, an environmental nonprofit, and an outdoor experiential education center for at-risk inner city youth. I attended Princeton University and majored in chemistry (see the paper I worked on, Peroxidase Activity in Heme Proteins Derived from a Designed Combinatorial Library) and got a certificate in linguistics. I was also a member of The Two Dickinson Street Coop, an officer of the Princeton Juggling Club, and a semi-frequent participant in the Princeton Hash House Harriers. I grew up in Vermont and attended Champlain Valley Union High School and Athénée Léonie de Waha in Liege, Belgium. I was born in Boston in the 1970’s, delivered by my late great-uncle.

It’s easy enough to figure out where I work now, but I leave that as an exercise for the reader.

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This logging information helps diagnose performance problems on this site, measure which pages are the busiest, and can track down crackers: I recently used standard HTTP requests to figure out how someone attacked this server, and thereby fixed the security hole. It is also helpful for locating errors and broken links.

There are ways to reduce the amount of this information that you leave around the Internet. I suggest that you use Privoxy, a free privacy-protection program that will, among many other things, eliminate referrer data from your Web requests. The Firefox web-browser also includes privacy-enhancing features. There are also a number of anonymizer services out there to make your physical location less transparent.


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